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Tussey Mountain Moonshiners

Bluegrass Unlimited

February 2012

Listen to what Blugrass Unlimited had to say about our debut album, I'm Going Home!

Tussey Mountain Moonshiners - I'm Going Home"From smack dab in the middle of Pennsylvania . . . the Tussey Mountain Moonshiners exude rich talent, enthusiasm, energy, and a wide knowledge of string music . . . Every single cut proves enjoyable. With admirably equal skill, authenticity, and enthusiasm . . . the Tussey Mountain Moonshiners move from bluegrass to old-time to folk/Americana... ”
Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine, February 2012, p. 47. Reviewer Art Menius.

We're very honored that Bluegrass Unlimited chose to review our album. Bluegrass Unlimited is the premier trade magazine for bluegrass music. And the reviewer, Art Menius, is a highly respected and knowledgeable expert. And we even got to be in a "highlight" box in the magazine -- so exciting!

Read the complete review at Bluegrass Unlimited.

Tussey Mountain Moonshiners at the Rochester Jazz FestivalMoonshiners at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

The Moonshiners had the great good fortune of being able to play at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival on Sunday, June 12th. We weren't sure if a jazz crowd would like bluegrass, but they weren't just a jazz crowd -- they were a music crowd! And everybody had fun.

Marie De Jesus, of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, made this excellent short video as part of the D&C's Jazz Stories video series -- click here to see it.

As luck would have it, there were also a couple of excellent artists in the audience -- a big THANK YOU to Matthew and Mary P!

I'm Going Home, Moonshiners' Debut Album

We're really proud and happy to announce that our debut album, I'm Going Home, is ready to go! Making it has been an incredible learning experience, and we're very grateful to the many people who helped make it happen. We hope you like it! Click here to listen and buy online.

DelFest 2011

Delfest 2011

Tussey Mountain Moonshiners had two sets at DelFest 2011, Memorial Day Weekend -- Friday morning on the Grandstand Stage, and Sunday afternoon on the Potomac Stage. "We were so psyched! The lineup this year was just unbelievable" -- Check it out.



WPSU Folk Show Interview
September, 2010

On Sept 25th, 2010, Mel DeYoung, a long-time supporter and promoter of acoustic music in central PA, interviewed the Tussey Mountain Moonshiners on the WPSU Folk Show. It was very cool! Penn State's WPSU studios are in a new building in Penn State's Research Park. They have perfect acoustics and it was great to do an interview for the show. It's a little over 10 minutes long.


Paul Brigman - Tussey Mountain Moonshiners

The Quartet is
Now a Quintet!
August, 2010

Paul Brigman, who plays guitar and bass and sings, has joined the Moonshiners and it sounds better already! Paul has played professionally in the Central PA area for years, playing bluegrass, folk, and other acoustic music. When he isn't picking those strings, he can be found backpacking, birding, and doing all kinds of educational and outdoor things at Penn State's Shaver's Creek Environment Center.


Delfest 2010 Band Competition Winners!
June, 2010

Delfest, sponsored by sponsored by Del McCoury, is a premier bluegrass festival held every Memorial Day weekend in Cumberland, Maryland. In addition to a killer line-up, they sponsor a bluegrass band competition. Of the bands that enter, they pick eight to compete.

Delfest 2010 Band Competition - Tussey Mountain MoonshinersWe sent in an application in 2009. They didn't pick us for the competition, but gave us a 30-minute slot on the Potomac Stage as a showcase band, which was great. (We played Saturday morning, before the heavens let loose with that insane storm.) We sent in an application in 2010, and this time we made it into the competition, which was really exciting, since over 40 bands applied. The other bands in the competition were REALLY good -- we never thought we'd win it.

When they announced that we won the competition from the main stage, we have it from a reliable source that Karin jumped 3 feet in the air and started running in circles. Gwen was walking to the music area when they made the announcement. When she got to her seat and her husband told her the Moonshiners won, she didn't believe it. A stranger sitting nearby said, "Yeah -- Tussey Mountain Moonshiners won." Then she believed it, and her husband is still feeling a little insulted! Then Bryan walked in, heard the news, and all three started jumping around and hugging like crazy. Steve heard the announcement on the radio from inside the RV where he was staying, and then joined in with the general jumping-for-joy, grinning-from-ear-to-ear celebration.

We got to play a 30-minute set on the grandstand stage on Sunday. It's a big stage with side walls made out of netting, and at one point we looked and saw a huge moth on it -- really huge, like at least 8 inches across. We got to meet Joe Craven, who does MC duty at Delfest, and other wonderful artists backstage later on. And of course, getting to play there was the best part. We'll play again next year as the previous year's winners.

Casey Loudermilk was our Delfest contact throughout the process, and he was the greatest in every way, as were the sound crews when we played. Can't wait to go again in 2011.

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